Our Hands-free Package is
for your Peace of Mind.

Some web designers disappear after their client’s site is launched. We prefer to stick around and look after your website for you.

This gives you peace of mind knowing your website is fully functional while you do what you do best – your business!

What’s Included?

What’s Included?


We recommend a hosting provider in South Africa (Watch Now). I show you how to set that up.


We make sure your site remains secure. Should it go down we have a backup for instant upload.

Software Updates

The technology used to create and run your website needs regular updates. We handle this for you.

Content Updates

You may want to edit some website content. 1 hour/m of content edits are included.

Get free daily advice & community in our Private FB Group (No Spam Allowed!)

Get free daily advice & community in our Private FB Group!


Why take advantage of our Hands-free Package?


Peace Of Mind

You never have to deal with hosting or website issues which do show up.



You keep doing what you do best, your business. We handle the online stuff.



Cheaper than a daily cappuccino. This plan starts at only R250/month.



Have a professional web presence 24/7. Eventually get regular client leads. 

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*Note: it may take up to 12 months to rank on page 1.

Let's Work Together

We want to understand your online needs.

The better we understand your needs the better solution we can give you.

Let’s connect via phone, email, or face to face.

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